Sponsoring details

-- C O N C E P T --

Scheme for individual race sponsoring

If you sponsor an individual race, your sponsor money goes to the individual race budget.
This money is distributed equally over all races, except for the Kids race: that race is topped at 50 euros which will be used to buy gift items.

For each race, prizes are awarded in the following categories (subject to changes):

FF-male (fully faired male)
PF-male (partly faired male)
UF-male (unfaired male)
FF-female (fully faired female)
UF/PF-female (partly or unfaired female)
TR (unfaired trike)
HF (hand-foot bike)

Sponsor money will be distributed in cash among all first prize winners, proportionally to the (expected) number of participants in each class. So if there are 40 FF-male participants out of 100 participants, the first prize FF-male is 'budget times 40/100' euro, rounded to multiples of 5.

Scheme for overall ranking sponsoring

If you sponsor a vehicle class or make no choice, your sponsor money goes into the overall ranking budget. This will be used to buy individually printed cycling-shirts for all 1st prize winners. The remaining money in this budget will be distributed in cash, as in the scheme for individual races.

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