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Witec takes over Drymer

Veröffentlicht am 16 Januar 2011 01:10, aktualisiert am 16 Januar 2011 01:54 (1219 mal angesehen) 1Kommentare

Good news, the activities of Drymer will be taken over by another company, so activities will continue.

At the site of Drymer can be read (translation by

15 Januari 2011

This summer the first Drymer by Witec will arive.

Witec, based in Ter Apel, NL, will take over the production of the trendy tilting trike.

Curator Mr. H. Silvius came quicklly to an agreement with Witec. As owner of machine factory Schrafima in Stasdskanaal, Witec was already connected to the Drymer production by supplying parts. Witec has a good insight in the opportunitie and the market potential of the Drymer.

In the coming weeks Witec will set up production as fast as possible to be able to introduce the first Witec-Drymers this summer.


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Het is te hopen dat het een succes wordt. Daarmee trekken ze andere ligfiets types vast mee in het succes. En ik denk dat als je een Drymer gereden hebt en je probeert daarna een velomobiel.......

lighans, 16 Jan 2011 20:12 2.0

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